We use modern high-tech technologies to make safety shoes that are light and comfortable. State-of-the-art materials and new technical fibers make it possible to move from the traditional heavy safety boot to lightweight athletic safety shoes.


An Algix brand, launched the world’s first algae-blended EVA to the footwear industry as a sustainable ingredient in flexible foams for high rebound applications such as shoes, sporting products, and accessories. The algaes absorbs pollution in the water, leaving a harvestable goo which, then is processed to be ready to mix with EVA.

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BOA® Fit System

With micro-adjustable dial and a super-strong lightweight lace the BOA® Fit System delivers micro-adjustable precision fit, engineered to perform in the toughest conditions.


CORDURA® is a highly durable and hard-wearing fabric with an effective feature allowing feet to breathe.


ESD protection ensures that static electricity is discharged. The shoes have a resistance ranging between 0,1 Mohm and 100 MOhm according to ISO IEC 61340.


The ETPU springback is the result of the transformation through heating of very tiny TPU pellets. These micro-particles, after undergoing heat and high pressure, puff up, expanding into little beans, each with an air pocket core. The particle-based foams that result can then be molded to the perfect shape through injection tooling, molding machinery and a steaming process.

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The FLEX SYSTEM is designed to work with the biomechanical features of your feet. The FLEX SYSTEM supports your natural movements, which provides stability and support. The FLEX SYSTEM distributes the pressure to the ergonomic zones and helps the foot flex effectively.


GORE-TEX® is a thin, perforated membrane. Its pores are 20 000 times smaller than water droplets, but 700 times larger than water molecules. This means that water vapour can pass through the membrane, but it blocks drops of water. GORE-TEX® is 100% waterproof and has a highly effective feature allowing feet to breathe.

Leather Working Group

Leather Working Group is an international, not-for-profit membership organisation and responsible for the world’s largest leather sustainability program. LWG aims to improve the environmental impact of the leather industry by assessing and certifying leather manufacturers.


MATRYX® is the textile part that makes up the shoe. Composed of high tenacity synthetic yarns (Polyamide or Polyester) coated with Polyurethane and technical yarns (Aramid fiber, carbon, Mono filament etc.) distributed in a single piece per zone, MATRYX® and its different ranges offer a mapping adapted to the needs and requirements of each sport. This patented technology allows to reduce the number of components by about 50% and to avoid as much as possible the assembly of pattern pieces.


NANO Carbon composite material is 40 % stronger than regular fiberglass. Thinner wall design provides more room for better comfort. Meet all international standards, including ASTM, CSA, EN 125685. lt’s the first pair of safety toe cap made of NANO carbon technology in the world. Bring your shoes excellent comfort, light weight, and strong protection, with the most innovative technology.


SOLID GEAR StarKnit is an upper constructed as one solid piece. Polyester yarn is knitted together in a precise and detailed process that provides a feather light, glove like fit without any seams. Because of its ability to vary in thickness across the upper, the StarKnit is called a smart construction. The knit is adjusted depending on what function it needs to fill, being thicker in areas where you need more protection and lighter where you need higher breathability and flexibility.


Vibram® is an extra durable and rugged sole designed to provide an extremely strong grip on uneven surfaces. Vibram® outsoles comes in both rubber and TPU where the rubber outsole is heat-resistant and can withstand temperatures of up to 300°C.

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